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BHV's Hardware Section

• 11 August 2009

I adore the little blue placards on the homes here in France. If I had a French-inspired home in the US, I would totally place one of these on the facade. They have serious cute factor, don't you think?

The little white signs pictured on the right would be perfect for a bedroom or bathroom door. Again, it would be so fun to pick up a few of these budget-conscious souvenirs and bring them home. You can find these goodies in the basement of BHV in Paris (Bazaar de Hotel de Ville). It's a fabulous department store...definitely worth a stop.

p.s. Recently discovered in the basement of BHV was access to the metro directly from the store. It was so nice to avoid the crowds above on Rue de Rivoli.


  1. I went on my first trip to Paris 14 years ago. My mom took the family down to Gien to the warehouse to get incredibly discounted china. She didn't bring any packing materials with her and so for a couple days after the shopping trip, she scoured Paris for bubble wrap. BHV was the only place that carried it (that we could find). I love that place.

  2. Steph -
    How much does something like that run... say one of the small blue signs, or the white region signs? They're soooo charming!

    Did you consider getting region signs to 'name' the bedrooms at La Maisonnette? ("Louis, you'll be in the Alsace room on the second floor, with your cousin Jacques...")

    - Christine

  3. You could probably get some and sell them to people in the US who aren't able to have access to them -! I love those signs!!!

  4. I love these!! Can you bring me back some?? ;)!


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