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Lighting In

• 26 August 2009

Something I've learned in only the past few makes a HUGE difference. From now on, all lighting decisions will be made during the beginning stages, and not the latter. I also learned that allocating more budget towards lighting--even if that means shaving a little from other areas--is the way to go. Lighting can make such a powerful statement! Lesson learned.

Our electrician and his team were finally able to get around to installing all the lighting at La Maisonnette--all 30 units! We can't believe how much this update changes the feel of the home. All of a sudden it feels more finished, more cozy, and more beautiful. Here is a picture of my favorite lighting pieces in the cottage--one of my purchases at the uber-fabulous Merci in Paris (now a must-visit in my book). I'd love to bring a few home but am not sure if it's possible to do that. Has anyone bought lighting in Europe and brought it back to the States? Are there wiring issues?


  1. Those are beautiful! I have been told that the wiring issue is not a problem, you just use the kind of bulb your fixture is grounded to whether it is 110 or 220. Unfortunately I only found this out after a trip to Istanbul and fell in love with some fabulous glass lamps and didn't buy them because I thought I couldn't use them after we stopped living in Europe. I'll either have to go back or buy the one's I've been eyeing at the local Antik shop here in Germany.

  2. the lights are fantastic, perfect.

    the light issue actually lies in the fireproofing, they have different standards in the EU than they do here, but i'm 90% sure the lights will work.

  3. you must be so excited that your house is finally becoming a home, congratulations!

  4. It's true, the wiring isn't the issue it's the light bulbs. Often EU lights take bulbs that are very non-standard in the US which can be annoying (and a bit pricier) when it comes time to replace the bulbs.

    But I wouldn't take back a single chandelier I've brought home just because of a pesky light bulb problem!!

  5. Love the lighting. Are you writing a book about shopping in Paris? Can I preorder it?

  6. yes, I have purchased lighting from Europe and you will need to have the lighting rewired.....but it's worth the expense.

  7. I love the light fixtures with the exposed beams--and that wall is gorgeous. You have fabulous taste!


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