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• 11 August 2009

I apologize if you are tired of seeing pictures of pretty little towns...I can't seem to get enough of them! I found it utterly amazing that I can drive through a thick forest, on a road that seems to be going into nothing, and then find myself in places like this. In the US, everything seems to blend into one another and here that just isn't the case. I love examining the differences and I simply cannot help but be thrilled every single time a new discovery is made.

One of the vendors at a brocante in this town {Molieres} had the most amazing antique French toys up for grabs. I wanted to bring home just about everything on her table, but alas they were grossly overpriced..."this ain't Paris honey!".


  1. I am incredibly jealous of your adventures there! I have enjoyed reading about them and seeing your beautiful photos so much. I look forward to seeing how La Maisonette turns out!

  2. Oh I never get tired of any of your photos, they're all so beautiful! Look at all the lovely things on that seller's table, I want it all!!!


  3. I love your little adventures. I spent 4 months in Montpellier and know just what you are talking about. Makes me remember those days and hopeful for them again... keep sharing!

  4. You could post a picture of every town you see and I could never get tired! I watch the Tour every year just for the scenery.

    And your renovation pictures are fascinating. They make me feel a lot better about having a kitchen that was gutted and has been under renovation all summer!

  5. That last picture is amazing! I'm loving it so much!


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