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Simple Summer Picnic

• 19 August 2009

This simple summer picnic would be easy to replicate just about anywhere --with a few minor variations of course. All you need is a simple salad, berries, good bread, salami & cheese. The best part is the easy prep and easy clean up. Keep it casual with a roll of paper towels that can be used as "plates" or napkins.

For the salad: I like to mix a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, a TB of apple cider vinegar, and 3 TB of olive oil with a whisk before tossing with simple greens. Cheese wise, we are huge fans of anything that begins with "Tomme" so ask your local cheesemonger what he/she has in that category.

P.S. thank you for always being/feigning interest in my food really helps distract me from all the mayhem of this renovation :) Posting an easy summer picnic is waaaaay better than posting about:

1. the contractor who said he'd show up to finish a project but hasn't...and it's been 13 days (the pickings are slim out here in the countryside and we find ourselves feeling more like "beggars" than "choosers")

2. having to pull out my son from summer camp (there goes any hope of accomplishing anything while the kids are awake) because of some sketchy stuff going on

3. missing/stolen keys (it's not the first thing to disappear unfortunately) = we'll have to re-key the cottage

4. pushing through extreme fatigue and having no time to test out that lovely tub I posted about here.

No...when I look back I don't want to remember those things so in the meantime, I'll just keep posting about yummy food and the like. Thanks for bearing with me here folks :)


  1. You won't remember them. You'll remember what you accomplished and the beauty.

    And that yummy picnic.

    Oh yeah.

  2. This picnic is just what I've been looking for. Many thanks for using your need for distraction to enrich our palates.

    And best of luck--you're almost finished.

  3. We are all living vicariously through your summer in France and probably forget you are dealing with some crazy things as well! Thank you for posting beautiful images. Hang in there! ss

  4. Please please please keep up the food posts. I have been reading only a few months, but have already tried out half a dozen of your recipes. And loved them all!

    Dreaming of someday visiting France and staying in your lovely cottage...


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