Chambre no.1

• 25 September 2009

I love this room for a lot of reasons. Mostly because I absolutely love every single thing in it! I'd never mixed antiques with modern elements before but I enjoy the melange it turns out. I confess I had no idea that clean lines existed in antique French furniture. I thought it was all kind of frilly (I stand to be corrected apparently!).

The two antiques in this space are really lovely and really old. The armoire is from the late 1700's and the chest is from the 1600's. How cool is that? Even cooler...the chest came with the house. Yup. The armoire, however, was more difficult to procure--and just as difficult to get inside the house--but definitely worth it (did you see my post about that?).

I've noticed that when I design a space in my own home, or even an event (like a birthday party), I typically take one element and build around it. For this room that element was the Denyse Schmidt quilt (I found a great deal at the Sundance Outlet). From there I found the Tolix stool (best prices in Paris on those are at Merci), the antique stool with similar lines, the accent pillows and the lamps (Habitat). The cute little windows add to the charm as well and with the light colored walls, they are natually showcased. I miss the house already...can you tell?


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