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Le Donjon

• 14 September 2009

I think what I’ll miss most about Beynac is eating at Le Donjon, a little restaurant a stone’s throw away from La Maisonnette. Our association with Le Donjon is not solely based on food however; it’s about friendship too. The couple who owns the restaurant is quite the duo. While Jean-Luc is in the kitchen creating delicious food, Francoise is managing the restaurant and the boutique next door (a great stop for a quality Halloween costume btw). Each morning we pass by and exchange “bonjours” and then each afternoon we repeat the same routine. Some evenings we stop by and chat after our nightly trash run too. What I am trying to say is that we socialize with them more than anybody else in the village (are you surprised it’s not the patissier?) When we eat there Jean-Luc often creates something special for us, as he knows how much we appreciate good food and are willing to be surprised. Even though my own personal communication with them is not very extensive (my French is limited and their English is limited), I am amazed at the camaraderie between us. Yes, I do believe I’ll miss them the most.

A few pictures from what might end up being our Last Supper at Le Donjon. It was incredible…Coquilles St-Jacques, Cassoulet, Salade Noix, crusty bread, and Fraises Melba. Topped off with free ice cream for the kiddos and that’s what I call the perfect meal.


  1. Sounds like heaven. You will miss that crusty bread, it's so hard to find in UT!

  2. Grapefruit, it's all about Crumb Brothers in Utah!


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