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Walnut Trees

• 15 September 2009

Down here in the Dordogne you find yourself in serious walnut territory! It's easy to find quality hand-pressed walnut oils, walnut tarts, whole walnuts, shelled walnuts, walnut cake, walnut bread and walnut salad. It's fun to add a new ingredient to my repertoire...I'm really enjoying the flavors.

Until we arrived here, I'd never seen a walnut grove before, let alone a walnut tree. I had no idea what they looked like if you can believe it! In case any of you are in the same boat and curious, I want to share a few images here. Oh, and I asked a grower how they harvest the walnuts and he replied that they utilize the uber-modern technique of shaking the tree branches with a stick :)


  1. I am living in Turkey right now, and they eat walnuts raw. While they are still green. I know you would think it is not good for your insides and in the States I have never heard of anyone eating them raw. Have you seen or heard that they eat them raw in France as well? Or is it just a Turkish thing?!

  2. Ali, I have no idea...I've only seen them harvested at the market and on the ground whole. That would be interesting to find out though!

  3. my brother and sister would literally die there. neither one of them can even be in the same room as a walnut without their throats completely closing. epipens required. sad.


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