stephmodo: Closet Clean Up: Autumn Edition

Closet Clean Up: Autumn Edition

• 14 October 2009

It's that time of year...yes, the one when it's no longer possible to get away with Summer clothing any longer. Long gone are the days of shorts, capris, espadrilles and swimsuits. It's time to welcome in Autumn in all it's colorful glory and say hello to sweaters, jeans, boots and jackets. Although it's kind of a pain to switch everything out, the end result is totally worthwhile.

Yesterday, while my kids napped, I tackled my own closet. Boy, did it feel good! I set aside a pile for charity, the tailor, the dry cleaner, and for the shoe cobbler (repairing a boot is less expensive than buying a new pair). Given an increased desire to be more frugal, I saved a few things from Summer to layer under sweaters and cardigans as well. I found a little mixing and matching was in order and didn't look out-of-place at all. In the end I felt the 2-hour start-to-finish very worthwhile indeed. Now I have a better idea of what I need to fill in the blanks and what I have at my disposal each morning.

Here are a few tips from Real Simple regarding closet organization. I thought you might find them useful! They are super helpful.

image from Elfa via The Container Store


  1. I have such a hard time with this! I layer a lot--long sleeved t-shirts under short-sleeved--in the winter, so I can never figure out what to take out. Not to mention I'm pregnant and just starting to get ready for maternity clothes, but I can still wear some of my clothes. Then there are those baby-doll shirts that were so popular but I had to stop wearing because I kept getting asked if I was pregnant when I wasn't. My closet is basically a disaster-area. I hope Real Simple has tips for that.

  2. i think instead of cleaning my closet i'll just take that beautiful green one...and all the clothes in it, thank you. :-)

  3. I never thought of painting my closet, but that looks so pretty with the green. But since I have no windows in my closet I would have to stick with something light. Hmmm, you've got my wheels turning.

  4. I JUST did my seasonal closet transition this weekend. What a great feeling! I live in an older home (= small closets) so it really helps to switch out my clothes twice a year.

  5. Wow what a beautiful closet! And even the clothes dream!

    { Lindsey }


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