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Dille & Kamille

• 04 November 2009

Dille & Kamille is to a small chain throughout Belgium and the Netherlands (about 13 stores total in both countries) chock-full of a whole lot of domestic goodness. It reminded me of a Smith &Hawken*/Williams-Sonoma/Paper Source all in one. Plus, everything was cute...and affordable...and I confess it took all the self-control in the world to only buy a few things. I cannot wait to go back someday. If you're planning a trip to Belgium or the Netherlands anytime soon (or if you're lucky enough to live there!), make sure you add Dille & Kamille to your itinerary. It's a delightful stop you won't regret.

* it looks like Smith & Hawken is closing...has anyone had the chance to pick up some amazing finds for deep discounts?


  1. This is an incredible find, so pretty! Thanks for sharing♥

  2. I love this shop!! I live in Belgium and from time to time i need to find an excuse to go shopping at Dille & Kamille.. there is always something missing in my kitchen! :D
    I couldn't resist posting on them my self

  3. HI,

    This is an unrelated question...but, you seem so, so organized. I love your clean you have any pointers on organizing the mess that is comprised of toys, food, clothes, books, etc?? Your devoted fan and reader. jennifer

  4. Jennifer, the best way to start is to eliminate "stuff". Take 3-4 trash bags worth of stuff to your local charity and see how you feel afterwards. Once you eliminate things that aren't necessary in your life, you'll find the clean slate will provide further inspiration. Try that and let me know how it goes...

    p.s. use black trash bags so kids and husbands can't see what you are getting rid of. I promise they won't notice it's gone unless they see it being disposed of :)

  5. Oh I love Dille & Kamille too! We discovered it two years ago. I too had to restrain myself but I do have a sweet little porcelain butter dishi with a tiny rabbit on top. Love it.

  6. i have never heard of this store but i had to comment because my name is kamille and i rarely see it spelled with a "k." it made me so excited to see this! next time i go to belgium (who knows when that'll be??) i'll have to go there!

  7. we visit this sweet store in the netherlands EVERY time we go! a favorite and we have picked up several unique and well-made kitchen items. my favorite: a wooden spoon. it's not just any spoon, though!

  8. I'm in Brussels right now visiting my inlaws! We've been in Europe for six weeks now. I'm so glad I saw this post, we leave in three days! I'll be sure to head over to this cute store! Thanks for the post!


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