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Divided Lunch Plates

• 11 December 2009

Picking up these simple, kid-size divided plates/trays (per my friend Lisa's recommendation), was such a great idea. I can't tell you how easy they've made our lunchtime routine. Since I bought them all in the same color, there is no insisting on a certain color and no drama if a particular colored plate is still dirty :) The divisions also remind me to add fruit + vegetable servings to their meal, which makes for a more balanced, healthier meal and of course adds variety as well. And last, my kids appreciate how their food stays divided (especially helpful when hummus or salad dressing is on the menu). Best 98 cents I've spent...hands down.

I found mine at Walmart, but you can also find them at Target (not online...just in stores). If you are looking for an online source, these would work; Ebay has a few nice options too.


  1. thanks for the shout out! I LOVE mine and saw that Wal-mart makes them in a smaller version which I like better. Sorry we missed time!

  2. Love this idea for lunches! Been craving the ones from Pottery Barn for awhile now, but love that there's a less expensive option! Woot! We used the styrofoam versions for my son's bday party and the kids just loved them! So fun!

  3. Funny, I just wrote about divided plates for kids last week! If you want to see my picks, here's the link:

    I agree it makes it more fun for the kids to try little servings of lots of different types of food.


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