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Downtown Chic

• 18 December 2009

I recently previewed the inspiring book, Downtown Chic, and I can't tell you how thrilling it was to pour through its pages. When we returned from renovating La Maisonnette, I felt emotionally and physically spent; but, after reading about how a family in NY (with six kids! or is it seven now?) renovated a home abroad, as well as a handful in New York City, I feel instantly energized. Who knows...maybe in several years we'll do it again! I also appreciate that Downtown Chic is not only a pretty book, but informative as well. Home Depot should totally pick this up...its book racks could use a little sprucing up :)

Added's on sale.


  1. Looks like a divine, inspirational book. I love books like this!

    Tell me this: how do I bring some downtown chic to pastel stuccoed suburbia? (which happens to be, erm, where I live...)

  2. it IS seven now, can you believe it? i can't believe the vast amounts of energy this couple must have! and that book has been on my wish list since it came out, it looks amazing.


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