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Holiday Cookies

• 10 December 2009

Tonight I am attending a cookie exchange and I've been scheming all week as to what to make. To be honest, I still haven't completely decided, but I do have it narrowed down to two recipes. Time to get crackin'! What are some of your favorite holiday cookies to make? I love this recipe a lot. Word on the street is they are the favorite cookie over at Martha Stewart's test kitchen.

image via Sunset


  1. I wait every year until the holidays to make spicy molasses cookies with chunks of crystallized ginger in them. They're full of cinnamon and allspice and black pepper, and the ginger gives them a little pop. So good!

    The recipe is a variation of one from Cook's Illustrated a long time, ago. It's somewhere on my blog if you click on my name, too.

  2. I love Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies. Something about that raspberry-almond flavor combo gets me every time.

    I'm trying a few new ones this year, though. Not sure I've found my annual recipe.

  3. Great cookie image and I can vouch for the shortbread recipe ... very tasty. The variations are lots of fun.

  4. Those gingerbread shortbread cookies sound divine. Wouldn't they be a cute gift wrapped in the gingerbread house boxes from the Martha Stewart line at Michaels?

  5. i'm hosting a cookie exchange this weekend! it's my favorite kind of holiday party. still trying to decide between smore thumbprints or creamy chocolate-peanut butter cookies.

  6. A cookie exchange is such a great idea (or, in Oz it would be a biscuit exchange ... not as festive sounding!)

    Have you seen these (cheeky) cookies? I think they're just darling!

    g+g x

  7. love the classic Martha Stewart sugar cookies with the royal icing. Also, nothing beats cowboy cookies.

  8. What did you end up making and what did other people make? I'm going to a cookie exchange and I think I'm making these:


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