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White Tolix Chairs

• 07 December 2009

According to Google, I talk way too much about these chairs; but I simply can't help myself. I love them so much! And when I see good deals on these French imports, I feel even more compelled to talk about them. So here it goes: the Sundance Catalog Outlet, here in Salt Lake, has nice little bounty of white Tolix chairs right now. They have a small stack in their "As-Is" section for $100, as well as a stack of metal stools for $80 (these are the ones I have in my kitchen--love them). At first glance, both stacks looked great, condition-wise. Then out on the main floor they have several white Tolix chairs that are "new", but still discounted...these run $150. So you see, I just couldn't keep the good news to myself...:)

Bonne chance!

P.S. I announced the winner of the Koo de Ker Giveaway here. Take a peek!


  1. i have found i can bring tolix chairs up in most conversations. love them, too! and i loved that last year DWR had a 50% off sale on them.

    btw, thanks for the "new york to-do" list a ways back. my husband and i just got back and checked off a few things on your list, including eating at "clinton st. baking co." and one of your commenters mentioned the restaurant "recipe" so we tried and loved that, too. thanks!

  2. Dang it, Stephanie. You've talked up these chairs so much that Sundance is sold out and I need just one more to complete my set!

  3. Do you know if the Sundance chairs are authentic Tolix? They will not tell me the manufacturer over the phone. Also - Kate O - do you remember what time of year DWR had that sale?



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