Reflections: December in Paris

• 08 December 2009

One year ago this month, we closed on La Maisonnette and gutted 2 of the 3 floors. It obviously wasn't preferable to have to take care of business during the holiday season, but the French didn't appear concerned with timeliness (it took 15 weeks to close), so the situation simply was what it was. With two weeks' notice, Ben planned out all the work he wanted to do while there, namely alot of demolition :)

His buddy Chris generously offered to come help for 10 days, so they spent several nights poring over lists of tools they'd need, and then packing those tools carefully in suitcases weighing exactly 50 pounds :) Tools are quite expensive over there so it was necessary to bring over as much as possible. This was the first of 3 occasions when my husband was required to head over to France to work on the house for almost a month each time (the workers wouldn't work unless we were there unfortunately). Pfew! I'm glad those days are done :) I can hardly believe what's happened over the last year. Talk about unpredictable.

The day before they left Paris, these two friends captured Christmastime in Paris on video, namely the Champs Elysses. It looked chaotic, but incredibly fun at the same time. As a viewer it was easy to feel the energy of the city and I instantly thought about how fun it would be to head over there in December. Just check out the lights! Aahhh...Paris.

P.S. Has anyone else almost killed themselves driving around the Arc de Triumph besides me? That was undoubtedly the craziest driving experience of my life :)

image via my jewel thief on flickr


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