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Iconic Aromas

• 01 February 2010

Since perfume is a popular gift around Valentine's Day, I thought it appropriate to pay tribute to a few of our nation's icons along with their corresponding eau de toilette of choice. I'm particularly intrigued by Audrey's fragrance...everything about her exudes style and femininity.

My question for you is, do you have a "signature scent" or do you like to mix it up? If you do have a signature fragrance, what is it?

Mine is Liberté--my husband chose this for me and I'm quite sure I couldn't have picked a better fragrance for myself; plus I love that he spent two hours in Galeries Lafayette trying to find the perfect one.

image via Town & Country


  1. I actually wear Carthusia's Fiori Di Capri (had no idea it was also jackie o's favorite). My parents brought it home for me from Capri and I can't get enough of it. Before that, and when I don't want to waste my Fiori, I wear Tocca Stella.
    I really love a good scent, and never leave the house without something on.

  2. My "signature scent" is Ralph Cool by Ralph Lauren, but I change it up every now and then. I have a few others that I received as gifts that I like to wear every once in a while.

  3. I wish I could find a signature scent. Until I do, I mix it up all the time.

  4. Ooh my mom's signature scent is L'interdit! We thought you couldn't get it anymore. I'm calling her right now! Mine is Joy by Jean Patou. The husband picked it out for me on our honeymoon.

  5. My fav scent is a combination of Terra Nova Gardenia & White Ginger mixed together. They are light and simple, never overpowering.

    They connect me to my early island childhood and my daily tropical living escapist fantasies.

  6. Mine is Burberry London. I always return to it despite seeing comments on websites such as "my MOM loves this scent." I have been wearing it since my early 20s I guess i have an old soul.

  7. I wear Burberry London in the winter months and Body by Victoria in the spring and summer.

  8. My all time favorite is Hanae Mori. It smells heavenly (not too strong, but not too light).

  9. Mine is Chanel Chance, which I picked out after thinking it smelled just like my extremely classy host named Francine during a stay in France. :)

  10. I wear Paris by YSL. I just love the smell and without fail always get wonderful comments.

  11. In high school I wore Bijan every day and people still tell me that when they smell it they think of me. In college I switched to Carolina Herrera. In my 20's my signature was definitely Tiffany. And in my 30's it has been Vera Wang - got it for my wedding and haven't stopped it as my daily. But my true favorite of all of them is Tiffany.

  12. I wore Oilily growing up and if I ever have a daughter, she will too.
    I mix it up now, though my mainstay is Babydoll by ysl. It has such an innocent, rosy fragrance.


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