2 Must Sees + 1 Must Read

• 12 March 2010

Must See no.1:

A friend and I have been plowing through the Masterpiece Theatre version of Emma this past week and I can't help but share how much I love this series. It's incredibly well done on many levels--cinematography, costumes, choice of actors/actresses, etc. It's much better than the condensed Gwyneth Paltrow version, and I am a huge Gwyneth fan so that's saying something. We finish up the last hour on Monday night and I can hardly wait. Just wait until you catch a glimpse of Mr. Knightly :) Grab some friends, host an impromptu tea party, and get ready for a an evening of worthwhile entertainment.

You can rent it on Netflix here or buy the 2 DVD set in the PBS shop here.

Must See no.2:

Ever since I viewed Food, Inc., I find myself constantly thinking about the issues presented in the film and how important they are to each of our lives...and not just in a food-sense. I have a greater desire to be in control of my life, what I feed my family, and who I am supporting monetarily. Awhile back, just shortly after watching the film with my husband, we made some changes in our household and I wrote about them in this post. Basically it sums up how to eat responsibly on a budget. Anyway, regardless of whether or not you make changes, or what changes you make, I believe very person who eats food made here in the US should watch this film.

If you subscribe to Netflix, you can add it to your queue or watch it instantly here.

and a Must Read:

Oh my goodness I finally finished In Defense of Food this week! I've tried to finish the last chapter for months now. Things have been so incredibly hectic upon concluding the renovation of La Maisonnette that I've hardly had any downtime. However, there's nothing like feeling under the weather to create a little downtime :) It's a great excuse to catch up on the books piling up on your nightstand! I enjoyed Michael Pollan's straightforward approach to getting back to basics when it comes to food. While it makes you realize how far we've strayed from simple rules of nutrition, it encourages and motivates you with simple techniques to quickly get back on track. I appreciated ending the book with added knowledge that did not make me feel overwhelmed.

You can find a copy of the book here or likely at your local public library.

What are some of your "Must-Reads" or "Must-Sees"? I've love to know...


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