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Mini Cocottes

• 10 March 2010

The other day I was perusing a French magazine and I noticed these little dutch ovens--"les cocottes" in French--on one of the pages. I had no idea such a thing existed until then and it was truly love at first sight. Yes, I've already expressed my love for individual bakeware here--gratin dishes, ramekins, cheesecake pans, you name it--but these pretty mini bakers take it to the next level. Look at all those fun colors!

S/4 circular cocottes (pictured top left)

Red circular cocotte

Cobalt blue circular cocotte

Cobalt blue oval cocotte

Black oval cocotte

Chocolate/cassis circular cocotte

Yellow circular cocotte

although not pictured, this Emile Henry mini-cocotte is cute too.

or try your luck on Ebay here! There isn't a lot available, but the prices seem reasonable.


  1. I can't remember which one and where, maybe St. George but I saw these at a TJ Maxx and was super tempted to buy them. Sooo cute!

  2. Yep! My mom and I found lots of these at TJ Maxx and love them. Whole Foods sells them, too, but for 3x the price :) The TJ Maxx ones are awesome.

  3. I just saw a few of these at our Marshalls - darling!

  4. I actually saw some at Publix (grocery store chain here in the South) yesterday and thought they were really cute.

  5. I've seen these at World Market (I think it's called Cost Plus as well in the West). Too adorable. And in the most heavenly colors!

  6. I love them too, I just bought the red ones as a gift.

  7. These look so fun! I have a weakness for kitchen gadgets. I would love the entire set! Such fun colors.

  8. they are darling!

    i just came across a whole shelf of these at my local tuesday morning store last week. i was really tempted to buy they are just too darn cute!

  9. Homegoods had shelves of them last week! SO CUTE!


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