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Things I Am Enjoying + Some Useful Tips

• 25 March 2010

This week I'm finding joy in both things I already have and in things I'd love to try to make (or in one case...have!). I thought I'd share them in case they had the same effect on you :)

Fabric Covered Pots: If you've been to a nursery lately, you've likely noticed how pricey pots can be. I not only like the bright and cheery effect of the colorful fabrics, but the fact that you can buy a cheap pot for this project. View the full tutorial here. {found via Lavendar and Limes via Creature Comforts}

Modern Return Address Stamps: I keep saying I'm going to procure one of these to avoid the following scenario: I create a nice looking package, simple but nice...I consider writing a return address but am lazy and choose not to...I then head to the post office where the postal worker requires me to write my return address on all 7 packages...I am in a hurry so I scribble something that just slightly resembles my address. Just think, if I had one of these all I'd have to do is push down once and click!

Pantry/Closet Organizer: Best $7 I've spent. This organizer creates a tidy place for me to store my feather dusters, mops, dust pan, and broom. I am grateful for it everyday (laugh all you want, but it's true!). Plus, I love that it allows me to utilize an otherwise-unused wall.

Carafes with Wooden Ball Stoppers: Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. I'd love one or two. Hello wishlist. {found via Kirei Nest}

Martha's Kitchen Sink Spruce Up: I blogged about it a long time ago, and coincidentally it still has the same affect on me each day. It's simple, useful, tidy and minimalist. She'll tell you more about it here.

Daffodils in a Brown Paper Bag = an easy and inexpensive DIY giftie. Who wouldn't love one of these on their porch?

Sneak Peek on D*S: It's not lengthy and provides no explanation--but I am drawn to this archived LA Sneak Peek on d*s nonetheless.


  1. I am doing those very daffodil brown paper bag projects for centerpieces for our Relief Society Birthday! I think they are so simple and elegant at the same time (not to mention inexpensive!)

  2. oooohh! love the return address labels. and the daffodil idea is great. i think you can get a bunch at trader joe's for under $1.50. will have to try this out for my easter centerpiece. thanks!

  3. i have a slew of return address stamps bookmarked, but i think this one is my fave....



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