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Affordable Hotels in Paris

• 08 April 2010

Oh my. Look at these lovely images from all these hotels...I'd take any one of 'em and feel like I'd died and gone to heaven...

If you've ever researched hotel rooms in Paris, you've probably been shocked at the prices. I know I have--they're like NY prices, but worse. And then you add in the exchange rate...but, there is good news! Charming, lovely, "affordable" hotels in the heart of Paris do exist (all of the images above depict such hotels). In fact, it appears there are several choices! Each of these beautiful hotels are priced between $100 and 200 per night USD. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Hotel des Grandes Ecoles - classic French - lots of charm (or so it seems from the website)

2. Hotel du Danube - what a great neighborhood to be in and the hotel looks amazing.

3. Familia Hotel - in the lively Latin Quarter

4. Also, a new-to-me chain of boutique hotels in Paris called Tablet seems like a fabulous resource. I'd love to try one of their hotels sometime. What a killer combination..."affordable" and "boutique". Awesome! Cool website too (it's modern, navigable, and organized unlike many French sites).

5. Chambres d'hotes in Paris are the ultimate in affordability. Typically home/apartment owners, rent out one room in their own residence to travelers. In the morning they typically offer you a simple French breakfast of yogurt, juice/coffee/hot chocolate, bread and jam. We've had some fun experiences staying at chambres d'hotes outside Paris and in the countryside elsewhere. It's a great deal.

7. Priceline - Okay so you won't find a charming (in the Parisian sort of way), affordable hotel here, but you will find an affordable, room in a "luxury hotel" for under $200 USD/night.

(update! I have to add Hotel du Petit Moulin--a popular boutique hotel that's affordable!)

Forgive me...I couldn't help but include a few gorgeous hotels that one wouldn't necessarily put in the "budget" category; but they aren't up there with the Four Seasons either ($1,300/night in Paris!). These two lovely hotels are in the 300€ range, which is about $425/night. Definitely a splurge in my book, but fun to drool over anyway. Someday...

* Hotel Particulier

* Hotel de l'Abbaye

p.s. if you're planning a trip to Paris and want a little direction, check out my previous posts on Paris as well as Jordan's Paris Guide.


  1. I will vouch for the Hotel de l'Abbaye, though the last time I looked, I don't think the prices were so low. We have been staying there since I was a little girl. The space is a former abbey and has been renovated nicely over the years. There is a lovely courtyard in the back where breakfast is served, and I always remark on how gorgeous the flowers are in the common spaces. It's been a few years since I've been there (lately we've rented flats now that we travel as a family) but I would send anyone to the Abbey without reservation. (Excellent location, too.)

  2. When we lived in Paris, our apartment was just around the corner from the Familia Hotel, and just down the hill from the Hotel des Grandes Ecoles. The former has excellent service - my parents stayed there and enjoyed it very much. It is clean and on a classic boulevard, with cheerful flower boxes adoring the facade. The only possible downside would be noise, if you're there on a weekend and staying on the street side.

    The Hotel des Grandes Ecoles is situated off of a really lovely courtyard and is definitely charming! But it's so popular I was never able to get a room there for any of our guests.

    I've always found that Paris has a wonderful range of hotel options, having stayed in several and even as a student found some 50 euro/night rooms (clean, private, with bathrooms and showers!) in Montmartre. The big Parisian hotels definitely rival the New York ones in price, but there seems to be much more variety in Parisian options than NYC can offer (and our NY guests have tried many but I still don't have a "go to" place to suggest to them.)

  3. The only trip I'm planning to Paris is in my imagination so I'll stay at the Four Seasons. I will be bookmarking this though, should the situation change. They all look heavenly...

  4. We stayed a couple years ago at Grand Hotel Leveque, in the 7th arron. on a tiny street called Rue Cler, just a 10 minute walk from the Siene, Eiffel Tower and Rodin Museum. Loved the location and the hotel.
    And Rue Cler was just adorable, this picturesque little street with all sorts of vendors.
    I think I paid just over $100 USD a night. A steal!

  5. I stayed at the Familia Hotel years ago with my girlfriends. Great memories!

  6. Tessa @ Utah Bride and GroomApril 8, 2010 at 10:47 PM

    I have stayed in the Hotel des Grandes Ecoles a couple of times and it is indeed charming!

  7. Oh how perfect. We're planning a trip this summer so will add these to my research! Thanks ever so much. I hope your pregnancy is coming along well

  8. thanks for doing the research on this steph, i will definitely bookmark this one.


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