stephmodo: May Day in Paris

May Day in Paris

• 13 May 2010

If you happen to be anywhere in France on May 1st, you'll no doubt spot little posies of lily of the valley everywhere you turn--the airport, the local bar, the markets, even the convenience store! They are one of my favorite flowers in the world so it was really fun for me to see them at every turn.

Our friends snapped a picture of my husband buying me a little bouquet from a street vendor at a market on Paris' Boulevard Raspail. What a sweet thing she was too--on her feet all day so late in her pregnancy and had nothing but a smile on her face when she saw that I was pregnant too. She told us her due date, what she was having, etc. all within a 2-minute exchange. Bless her.


  1. I love your day in Paris

  2. That is a splendid day! I used to have a bunch of lily's of the valley growing in my backyard in Sugarhouse, we didn't plant them, but they were there when we moved in. It was a wonderful surprise and probably the ONLY good thing about that old yard:)

  3. Oh, i love those sweet little bunches.

    Lily of the Valley is my favorite flower + I've got some growing right outside my front window. Wouldn't it be sweet to bundle some up and deliver them to friends? Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  4. our very first trip to paris as a couple was during may day and i was completly smitten with all the lilies of the pretty!

    i had a little lillies of the valle bouquet when i got married...sigh ;-)

    have a great weekend friend!

  5. posies of lily, street vendor, market...exactly like may days in my neighborhood in zagreb, croatia! :)
    all the best to you and your baby, lovely blog

  6. Fantastic trip. Paris is one of the beautiful place of the world. I would love to visit Paris.

  7. Oh, I do miss May day in France. I could never get enough of buying many pots of them and filling my house. I also loved going out to dinner on that day, and seeing a little bouquet of them at your place setting. I wish they were more plentiful in the U.S.

  8. Would love to go and I adore Lily Of The Valley!!

  9. Ah those are some of my favorite flowers -- you and Ben look too cute.


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