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So Loving

• 20 May 2010

Beginning top left and moving clockwise:

1 - How's that for a pop of color? This side table provides the perfect amount of yellow for almost any room.

2 - My new best friend in the kitchen. Love this little useful and so inexpensive.

3 - Straight out of these cafe chairs!

4 - I've wanted to start composting for some time now and with gardening season approaching, it seems like the right time. These are not only pretty, but functional too.


  1. Love these all! Just might have to stop pounding my cloves and get one of these garlic rollers. Would you mind giving the link for the cafe chair? It sent me to the yellow side table. Thanks!

  2. So husband JUST came home with that garlic gadget and LOVES it! I've got some catching up to do on your blog! A fun way to spend a sick day. :) xo...Linsey

  3. I am obsessed with cafe chairs- and those are gorgeous!!

  4. Barbie, fixed the link...sorry about that!

  5. we just started composting this year ... so far so good and we have found the kitchen counter top compost 'trash can' has become essential!!! We have a bamboo one but it totally keeps the smell in and makes composting so easy. We empty ours out into the compost bin every 3 or 4 days.

  6. the cafe chairs are just so lovely.


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