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Tin Can Centerpieces

• 19 May 2010

This morning I'm donning my grubbies and heading to my neighbor's home to work on this little project. Instead of using hydrangeas though, we are using wheat grass. It's far less expensive and superb for a true Springtime look! Plus, once Gabrielle posted about it a couple of months ago, I've since wondered how to get a little wheat grass into my life :) Thanks to my friend Katie...I will! She's a rockstar at planting wheat grass now. I'll try to procure a detailed tutorial from her to share...

An interesting note regarding spray'll notice if you click through to the tutorial that MS suggests painting the cans with a brush. While you'll definitely have a myriad of color options if you do this (spray paint at places like Home Depot and such are usually only offered in pretty basic colors), it'll be more time consuming and likely messier. When my friend and I visited Home Depot we were torn because we loved the pretty hues of the Martha Stewart line, but strongly preferred the convenience of spray paint for this project. The associate working there noted our dilemma and suggested we visit a graffiti store downtown instead. He said they offered unique shades, similar to those we were swooning over from the MS line. Hmmm...

We decided to take him up on his advice and hit a store called Up Rock here in SLC. It turns out they did have the perfect shade of Berry Pink. How random is that? I feel like I've discovered a new "craft" source. Who knows, maybe the graffiti store in your city has a plethora of gorgeous colors too!

image 1 - Martha Stewart; image 2 - Design Mom


  1. How strange that there even IS a graffiti store!! Who knew? Hm... either way, great idea. I hope your wheat grass tins turn out fabulously!

  2. I would never have guessed that there was such a thing as a graffiti store. And I doubt I'd have guessed it was in SLC!

    I've found that the spraypaint color selection tends to be better at Lowe's. Got a lovely teal/blue by Valspar there, think it was called Caribbean. Looking forward to seeing your wheatgrass project!

  3. Steph, please wear a face mask when you use the spray cans. V strong fumes.

  4. This is a GREAT find! So glad to know about this store. I plan on spray painting my porch chairs and am hoping to find a great color--so hard to do in exterior colors though. I'll definitely check out this store.

    Also--would really LOVE a wheat grass tutorial.

  5. wheat grass in painted coffee cans. brilliant. going right now.

    except, i don't drink coffee. where can i find cans to paint? hmmm.

  6. Wal-Mart also has a much better color selection than any of the home improvement stores I've been to. I don't love Wal-Mart and avoid it like the plague but I will break down and go there for spray paint.

  7. Great tips ladies! I'm happy to know about other paint sources that you recommend.

    Staci, the small cans were just from things used in-house like diced tomatoes, black beans, etc.

    The large cans were from a restaurant.


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