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Design Your Own Fabric

• 26 July 2010

Yet another fun project that makes me wish I continued those sewing classes in high school (Mom, you were so right...I now have regrets). My talent in this area resides in the can't-even-sew-on-a-button-properly range; but, I know so many of you rise so far above this level and would love a shot at designing your own fabric. And that is why I mention this fantastic, user-friendly option today :) Think cute throw pillows, cushions, clothing...all designed by you!

image via food + flower + style


  1. have you considered continuing to take lessons? An older woman in our ward last year offered to teach a bunch of us how to quilt--we met once a month for about six months, and I ended up with the most beautiful quilt for my daughters' bed. I learned SO much about cutting, measuring, and sewing just through very informal lessons--there are so many tricks and tips you won't pick up unless you're sitting there with someone who actually knows what they're doing! :-)

  2. I am so grateful for my childhood sewing lessons with my grandmother. Sweet memories and a fine skill to boot.

    Now. That photo of stacked creamy fabric square? Heaven? I don't know exactly why -- maybe the order and juxtaposed artistry -- I just love it.

  3. You really don't need lessons to learn how to sew, all you need really is a simple starter machine and its manual to start. Then there's a plethora of tutorials for beginning projects on the internet. It's easier than it seems, really. Be careful, it can be addicting!

  4. Amazing! I've always thought it would be fun to design fabric. Thanks for the link! P.S. If I can sew, YOU can definitely sew. Just give it a try!

  5. I have been wanting to create my own fabric.Thanks for the link.


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