How to Dry Out a Narrow-Spouted Bottle

• 09 July 2010

I have a bunch of narrow-spouted, glass bottles that are really tricky to dry out (these ones from IKEA being amongst my favorites) thanks to the narrow opening up top. So while they look good, they aren't the easiest to clean. Thankfully, I've been diligent about putting to use a little trick I read about in Living several years ago. And all it involves is one paper towel (Joslyn, you may have to re-institute a roll of paper towels for this trick!). Here is how you do's really easy:

1. Take one paper towel and lay flat on the counter.

2. Roll the towel into a narrow funnel, starting at one corner and moving towards the opposite corner.

3. Place carefully inside the bottle for about a day (depending on your climate). Rotate if needed.

You'll be amazed at how well the paper towel wicks away the little droplets of moisture inside the bottle that you cannot get to any other way!

image by Stephanie Brubaker


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