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Garden Beds of my Dreams

• 02 August 2010

This is such a fabulous back yard...those garden beds are killing me. They are the perfect size, shape and totally satiate my inner OCD (come on...everyone has a little of that in 'em, right?). Somehow I have it in my mind that a pretty set-up like this would cure my brown-turning-black thumb. And while I'd love a nice, grassy plain for my kiddos, I have to admit that the idea of an outdoor fireplace, grill and sink sound quite nice as well.

See more images right here.

images via Sunset Magazine


  1. Oh that is so funny, I had imagined my garden to be such a place this summer. I should take a picture of it now, ha! Weeds, bunny damage, sparse rows, not such a pretty sight. But hey, I am getting some vegetables out of it so that's something!

  2. My garden always looks so beautifully regimented in spring. Which I totally love, because I am a little obsessive about cleanliness and order. Then the tomatoes start sprawling all over the place, the pumpkins spread all over my beautiful paths, and the whole garden tries to climb into the next bed over.

    My husband recently proposed that we landscape our beds in 10-foot rows all along the back of the fence in our next home--I am totally on board with this. Maybe that way it would be more in keeping with my preferred visual aesthetic...

    On another note, I must say I'm always a little surprised when you talk about your black thumb--you seem like the kind of person who would be all over backyard organic gardening! :-)

  3. This is inspiring! I can just imagine sitting at that built in seating with friends for long dinner party evenings. Dreamy.

  4. I love the nice orderly garden beds. I've got a bit of inner OCD myself and those beds are perfect!

  5. Rachael, I'd love to be better at gardening, but alas, something's got to give. I'm pretty terrible at it, but mostly because I neglect it. Hopefully someday I'll put more effort forth and things will work out!

    p.s. thanks for your sweet comment about food, feeding children, etc. I really appreciate it!

  6. Oh, Stephanie, you should check out the book "the new square foot gardening" That is what is pictured in the photo! It's also very easy, and saves a lot of space, and it's organic! I just started gardening this year with this method and I've got 34 square feet of vegetables growing on my front porch.


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