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Tart Cherry Crumb Cake

• 06 August 2010

This month's obsession with cherries began when I saw this recipe on Jaime's blog and then spotted locally-produced frozen pie cherries at the local farmer's market. I decided it was fate and soon enough found myself making it over and over. In fact, I made it 3 times in under 3 weeks, with a second trip to the market to purchase another tub :) And I'm planning a third trip to stock up as I know I'll want to make this post-cherry season. But I'm not infatuated or anything...

Since I didn't have the size pan Jaime recommended using for this recipe, I decided to put to use mini-springform pans* I bought at E. Dehillerin in Paris almost 2 years ago and have never used (??!!). They turned out really cute in their miniature state and were the perfect size for an afternoon snack (okay, so a slightly large afternoon snack). I'm guessing you could use a tube pan as well, a larger springform pan (about 8") or even mini-loaf pans.

The only change I made to the recipe was to include more cherries. I just can't get enough of these fresh cherries...they are incredibly tasty in this cake. If you don't have access to fresh pie cherries, buy cherries that are canned in water, not syrup. Oregon makes a cherry-in-water version you'll want to get your hands on (these are what Jaime used before I introduced to her to my local source :).

* similar mini-springform pans can be purchased here.

images by Stephanie Brubaker


  1. Had to smile about your up to now unused little formsprings. I just made little pineapple upside down cakes in my "new" ramekins that have been sitting in cupboard for almost three years.

    But isn't it great that once you break the spell and use them, you'll use them again and again.

  2. I have been buying his cherries for a few years now! They are our favorite - and a secret at the farmers market. I always buy a few extra tubs for the freezer and pull them out in January or February as a "summer" surprise. They are delicious.

    Try making a "buckle" with them. Also a kind of crumb/ fruit cake. My favorite recipe for it is on

  3. I would love the recipe, but each time I click onto the recipe I am warned that there is "malware" on the site that can harm my computer. Any suggestions?

  4. the 'malware' site comes up every time i click on the recipe.

  5. Friends, it looks like someone hacked into the Sophistimom site, so if you're experiencing problems viewing the're normal. Jaime has some web people working on it and it should go live again early this week. Thanks for your patience! It's a recipe worth waiting for...

  6. made it over the weekend - it was delicious. Thanks for hooking us up with the recipe!

  7. These are gorgeous, Stephanie! I never saw this post last week amidst the nefarious attack on my website.

    This is gorgeous. Fabulous pictures. And now, with all my multitudes of cherries (thanks to you!) I think I'll increase the amount in my cake next time I make it!


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