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This Week's Great Finds + Deals

• 25 August 2010

A few things you may be interested in this week:

Kitchen favorites over at Givers Log - Amberlee created the prettiest collage of all my favorites, don't you think?

Groupon coupon at the Gap...such a sweet deal. Although it's expired (the deals are good for one day only), it might be a good idea to sign up if you haven't already. They hook you up with great local (i.e. Les Madeleines in SLC) and national deals. It's the only coupon site I subscribe to and there's a reason for that.

Dying over this black currant is incredibly delicious on waffles and pancakes. If you don't have access to something like this at your local farmer's market, try your Middle Eastern markets as well. I've found black currant syrup there as well. On a side note, my kids really enjoy it too.

I saw "Eat, Pray, Love" and enjoyed it despite the bad reviews (perhaps because I never read the book so I couldn't compare?). It was an entertaining chick flick for any gal who enjoys Julia Roberts and was a nice change from the serious, foreign films that I typically opt for. Just don't take your man--he'll consider it the worst $9 he ever spent :)

image by Amberlee of Givers Log


  1. I would spend all of my money on kitchen stuff if I could! So absolutely amazing!

  2. Love the melamine bowls and the price is so reasonable.

  3. thanks, stephanie. your kitchen essentials list made my heart go pitter pat.

    so happy to hear about eat pray love. i just may give it a try. i'm impressed you can still sit through a movie. i always give them up at about month 7 or 8.

  4. Amberlee, It was my 2nd movie in about 18 months/2 years if you can believe it! Maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much! The ladies next to me were quite understanding about my little trips to the ladies room during the movie :) Anyway, the movie is full of some nice eye candy and sometimes you just want a movie like that, despite its bad reviews :)



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