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Dreamy White Kitchen

• 17 September 2010

Oohh...this kitchen boasts everything I love about a kitchen...warm hardwood floors, stainless appliances, marble countertops and natural light. One thing different about this kitchen, versus other white kitchens I've seen, are the framed photographs hanging on the walls and propped on the countertops. What a lovely addition!

The Husband and I just discussed how much fun (and work) it would be to save up and complete a renovation again...this time on American soil (heaven knows we've learned a few things). Then, perhaps, I could have a shot at the white kitchen of my dreams. "Perhaps" being the key word here :)

Quick question for those of you with open shelving in your you love it? Does the dust bother you? Would you do it again or opt for closed cabinets?

images via House Beautiful


  1. It's definitely beautiful.
    Just a little warning, though...I've learned the hard way that, although open shelving looks fabulous, items stored on them get dusty and greasy very fast in the kitchen.
    We are planning our new kitchen now, and this time I am not going to have any open shelving.
    Gorgeous though!

  2. i love a kitchen that doesn't look so much like a kitchen...

    that's gorgeous...the marble countertops are my dream.

  3. Like country girl says, items on open shelving can get dusty/greasy quickly. I lived with open shelves in a small kitchen in our very first home. However, it worked well because we used most items on the shelves almost every day. The items on the shelves were not decorative but practical.

    I would plan for open shelving again, although no exclusively (a mix of cabinets and open shelves).

  4. Love the idea of adding the pictures on display. I'm interested to see what other comments you get regarding open shelves. I can imagine that if you went with just the open shelves, it would be hard to manage and keep clean. When we finally get around to redoing our kitchen, I'm thinking of doing mostly closed cabinets but with some open shelves as well.

  5. I concur, dusty and greasy, not fun. However, if you choose one or two open shelves stocked with daily use items, it is a nice convenience.

  6. I have open shelving above my counter space and love it. Here are some helpful tips:
    1. Only use open shelving for daily items. I use it for my daily glasses, mugs, plates, bowls and recipe books ONLY.
    2. Do not place in liquid/dry ingredient splash zones - make it high enough away from the sink and your mixer/blender appliances
    3. Do not place next to your stovetop or other cooking appliances where there is hot or steamy grease.
    I never deep fry anything in my house because I don't like the lingering smell so it's not hard for things to stay grease free. Besides, if I really need a greasy food fix, I'd rather eat out in ignorance of how much fatty oil they used.

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  8. I'm against open shelving (I love the way it LOOKS)...dust, dust, and more dust.
    However this kitchen is fabulous...any idea where those dining room chairs are from? They are so unique!

  9. i agree with LH's advice -- keep them away from your sink and stovetop. i had some open shelving in my kitchen just for my collection of white platters and bowls. i had to use my telescoping swiffer duster at least once a week and wash off my dishes before using them. but looking at them everyday was worth it to me. but i saw it as mostly decorative, not true storage.

  10. oh i do love this kitchen, so fresh and bright. marble countertops are my dream, too...

  11. I loved our open shelving in the house we just sold. It was just a turn away from the dishwasher and I stored all my white everyday dishes and bowls there, as well as serving bowls which I used often. It was across the kitchen from the cooktop which maybe explains why I never had a problem with it getting greasy and dusty. I wouldn't want all my upper cabinets to be open (I stored all the plastic stuff out of sight) but I have put down open shelving on my list of must-haves for my dream kitchen.


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