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Heirloom Books

• 11 October 2010

In my dreams (the big and wild kind), I mail off my "special box" to the talented folks at Good Stock and hire them to create an amazing book with all those little treasures. I'm so enamored with this idea; in fact I've dreamed of doing just this many, many times. It's outsourcing at its best! And maybe (just maybe), I'd even let them include a few images (or maybe just one actually), of my awkward early teenage stage--the one where I have large, blue glasses and bangs as big as my head. The only downside to this experience is the cost--it's definitely one of those once-in-a-lifetime-type-gifts. But there is something to be said for actually being able to view your life in a lovely, accessible and tidy book.

p.s. my "special box" is a large box of mementos from my childhood through adulthood)

image via Good Stock


  1. Oh how I would love to do that. I've seriously considered sending my special "wedding box" but then that silly thing (money) always gets in my way. Darn!

  2. These are absolutely beautiful. So expensive though! Maybe someday.

  3. Thank you, thank you. I know that Apple does this, but these look so much better. We have just registered with and have collected lots of pictures. I can't believe I have saved your next several posts, have forwarded all the recipes, and am thinking about renting your cottage. Ann


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