stephmodo: Japanese Recipes + Decadent Chocolate Cake

Japanese Recipes + Decadent Chocolate Cake

• 07 January 2011

Looking for food inspiration in a place you've never visited before? Give this Japanese website a go. It's a bid hodge podge, but there are some real gems mixed in there. Think of it as a TJMaxx of recipes and images :)

My friend made us this {sinfully} delicious cake before we moved away from SLC and let's just say it made an impression. It's absolutely decadent and looks beautiful as well. But you're probably wondering what to do about the minor issue of not reading Japanese, right? Well, thanks to Google translation, you should be able to access this goodness fairly easily.

Have a fantastic weekend!

image via cookpad


  1. could go for a piece of that cake for breakfast!

  2. I really feel like a midnight feast of some of that gorgeous chocolate cake (it is midnight here in Oz). Nothing like that in my house at the moment though. Cereal is about as good as it gets :(

  3. wowza. this looks sinful... i can't wait to make it!

  4. Oh I am in love with your blog..and that to visit some of your past posts to see what I have been missing over here..monday hugs.xoxo

  5. That cake looks amazing! I am going to have to google translate the directions.


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