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A Little Babbling

• 07 October 2010

This week I started writing over at a website called Babble, a space dedicated to products and the like for stylish moms (you!). I feel like I'm really going to dig this experience as writing posts for Babble allows me to talk about things that perhaps I wouldn't normally bring up on this blog. It's really an outlet for me to share and recommend helpful products and ideas personally.

Here is what I shared this week over at Babble thus far. Take a peek (beginning top left and moving clockwise):

Don't show up to work next week without a giftie for your Boss! Here are my tasteful picks and ideas. Hint: one of the gift ideas is something I regularly steal from my husband :)

The hottest craze on the school playground! Make sure your kiddos have a bag or two to trade.


  1. Steph, is that blue-legged table from UO? I clicked on the link and can't find it on their site?! I love it.

  2. mm, i love the industrial furniture. i'll have to keep urban in the back of my head.

  3. What's the web address for your new website? Sounds cool!

  4. Kate, you can click on any of those posts indicated and it'll take you straight to the website.

    Brooke, yes it's from UO. Did it sell out already? Drat! I agree, it's so cute. And what a great price.

  5. Hi,
    Just an FYI, the link for the wall organizer, takes you back to the boss gift ideas. Love that you're writing over there! Excellent idea for giving out silly bands for Halloween. Finally I can justify buying them... Thanks!

  6. The stylish wall organizer looks great, but the link didn't work. I will try and search it on Babble.

  7. yes, what is up the the crazy bands. my kids' school had to create a new set of rules just to deal with the craze!

  8. Girls, thanks for the heads up on the link. Can you tell I've been up in the wee hours of the morn'?! Anyway, I've fixed the link so you can check out the organizer. It's so fabulous. I am considering starting to save up for one...

  9. Silly Bands... my sons first trend. He even has convinced my husband to wear one, but only one at a time. haha


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