How to Search Craiglist with Pictures

• 15 November 2010

The other day on Twitter, I shared a wish list item--the chance to search Craigslist in photo gallery style--and lucky enough the lovely Summer of Eliza magazine responded with a great tip called CraigsEasy. It's the perfect solution to clicking on every single listing in order to view an image, which I find exhausting when living in a place where there are hundreds of listings daily. I've been testing it out all week long as I troll Craigslist in search of a few things for our space here in Seattle and have to say it's outright fabulous!

Getting started takes about 3's how you do it:

1. Head to the CraigsEasy site and download the "Easy" button. The site has a 60-second video showing exactly how to do this as they walk you through step-by-step. I found it helpful to add the "Easy" button to my "Bookmark Toolbar" so it's quickly accessible.

2. Type in the type of item you want to search for on Craigslist. Click "has image", "entire post" and then "Search".

3. Here's the click your "Easy" button once. All the listings will show up with all their pictures and all you have to do is scroll down and view. If you want to view more information about a particular listing, all you have to do is click on the listing title to read more. To go back to the images on CraigsEasy, just click your back button to continue perusing.

Another option, which isn't nearly as good as CraigsEasy, (but is better than nothing), is using the image solution within Craigslist. What you need to do is type in the item you are looking for, and then click on "show images"--an option in the upper right corner. Tiny thumbnails will appear to the left of the listing title.

I hope you find these tips as useful as I did! Happy Craigslisting!

For Seattle locals--sources on some of the furnishings shown above:

mid-century credenza / nightstand / chest of drawers


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