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The 1-Minute Rule

• 29 December 2010

Do you ever feel paralyzed by your to-do list? Or at the very least, overwhelmed with the number of tasks you'd like to/need to accomplish? I certainly feel that way sometimes, particularly since moving to Seattle, but this little tip recently published on lifehacker is helping me overcome this temporary paralysis. Basically you learn to get in the habit of using a few minutes here and there to do something--bring down laundry, clean a bathroom vanity, take out the trash, fold a couple of towels, etc. I find the sense of accomplishment feeds on itself and soon enough I am crossing out my "to-do"s faster than I can say, "I am overwhelmed by all that I have to accomplish today". Since we all have a couple of minutes here and there, I think many of you will find the 1-minute rule quite helpful.

Read about more organizing tips here.

image by Stephanie Brubaker


  1. Love this. It is amazing what you can accomplish in just a few minutes if you just get started.


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