stephmodo: For the Love of Mushrooms

For the Love of Mushrooms

• 14 December 2010

I recently spotted some exotic mushrooms at my local Whole Foods--varieties I've never seen before--and quickly decided I wanted my next post for Zupas to be all about mushrooms. Have you ever seen a blue-footed mushroom before? Not this girl. Boy, who knew mushrooms were so cool?

Anyway, today at Zupas I'm sharing my top 3 mushroom-related recipes including a stellar quiche recipe, an impressive make-ahead dish and one of the easiest and tastiest appetizer recipes I've ever consumed. You'll love 'em!

Discover them here.


  1. Chanterelles are my personal fave!

  2. i love mushrooms-- thanks for these recipes. This recipe at Smitten Kitchen also looks good--using plain old button mushrooms:

  3. Last night, I finally made the lemon rosemary pasta recipe you posted months ago and loved it! You've become my go-to recipe blog!

  4. Ive been OBSESSED with shiitake mushrooms. Drizzle them with oil and season with salt and roast them til very well done...they are mouthwatering. Martha Stewart did this a little while ago on her show, when she took a bite she said..."mm like candy" and I have to agree with her! shiitakes just have this yummy flavor.


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