stephmodo: 3 Closet-Related Organizing Tips for the New Year

3 Closet-Related Organizing Tips for the New Year

• 05 January 2011

With the year having just begun, I, like so many of you, have "organizing" on my mind; specifically, purging, de-cluttering, and anything else liberating! I've had a few thoughts this week about simple tips and mantras that have helped me over the years and made an impact on how we live. I'll be sharing them with you over the next week or so; but, first I'll begin with a couple of closet-related words of advice:

1. I once read this piece of advice in a magazine (sorry, can't remember which one !) and it resonated with me: "Don't buy anything on sale you wouldn't pay full price for". Meaning, don't buy a bunch of clothing and accessories just because they are on sale. If the cheap price tag is the only motivation for purchasing it, you'll likely shove it to the side of your closet and opt for favorite pieces instead. There is something to be said for simply buying pieces you love and will wear often and forgoing random pieces you don't feel comfortable wearing for one reason or another. Bottom line: save your money for clothing you thoroughly love.

2. Put into play the "1-year-rule". If you haven't worn an item of clothing for one year, then it's time to pay a visit to your local consignment shop or charity. Or, if you think a friend will put it to better use, pass it along to her. I choose "1 year" as a measuring stick as it covers all 4 seasons and surely if I haven't worn something at any time, during any season, then it's just not something I need taking up valuable space in my tiny closet!

3. After you edit your closet, go to IKEA and buy several, inexpensive sets of wooden hangers--both blouse and pant styles. Replacing all of your wire, plastic, and hodgepodge hangers with clean, wooden versions will make a huge impact on your closet's overall appearance. Talk about a huge, instant upgrade for minimal cost. If you're like me, opening up your closet will immediately become a source of calm, instead of chaos!

Click here for more tips on organizing your living space.

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  1. Ooooh -- so true on item #1! Well said.

  2. This was just what I needed today. I've got the day off and I think I know what I'm going to do with it. Thanks for the great tips.

    ps the link for more tips isn't currently working =(

  3. Love this! Thanks :)

    Cristina from

  4. love number one. this will be my motto for
    shopping in 2011. really great simple
    tips. also headed to ikea.

  5. oh you had me at "closet" and "organization".
    it doesn't help that my baby sleeps in our closet (don't worry, it's pretty big), but i get a pit everytime i go in there!
    time to clean out.
    the "sale" rule applies to me, big time.
    oh, and i've NEVER thrown anything out and then thought, "oh man i wish i still had...x!"
    hope you're well, hun!

  6. I always love your organizing tips. I can definitely use these right now. Have a closet of clothes I don't love, have lost control of my hanger unity and am packing up a load for the thrift store. Your tips were just what the doctor ordered. :)

  7. Thanks for the advice. We have the world's smallest bedroom closet and need all of these things to make it work!

  8. Great tips. If i cant bear to throw something out i relegate it to the loft for a few months - if i dont even think about it and forget its there i know its time to throw it out!
    Rachie xo

  9. This is such great info! I love to organize and I've been working in my closet this week! Thanks for sharing! ♥

  10. Love this post thanks so much for the tips. I needed this!

    Kathleen xx


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