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Discounted Restoration Hardware Lighting

• 12 January 2011

This light fixture was one of my favorite things in our previous home and I so badly wanted to recreate a similar look here in Seattle. It's truly the perfect chandelier as it carefully rides the fence between modern and traditional. But the price was holding me back--and even during the "Friends and Families" sale it was still out of my budget. Realizing this was disappointing, but I was determined to figure out a way to procure this fixture for our new space.

I decided to pop onto Ebay and lo and behold, I found a brand new RH fixture for $150 less than its retail price. And that included shipping! This particular ebay shop has a fairly substantial stock of brand new Restoration Hardware items including bathroom hardware, bedding, window treatments, and of course light fixtures. However, there are a couple of other stores on Ebay that offer brand new Restoration Hardware lighting fixtures at a discount. I hope you find yourself a little treasure too!

image 1 - Restoration Hardware / image 2 - Stephanie Brubaker


  1. I love and follow your blog. That is so funny. I moved last April and bought a home with very little lighting. I had an electrician put a light in the middle of my piano room. My husband couldn't figure out why I wouldn't just cover the light bulb with a random fixture. I said I was willing to wait, but would settle for no less than the RH one you have pictured. :) I actually ended up finding a wonderful piece with a sister fixture to go over my dining table in the next room. Wish I would have known about the ebay shop, but guess this other lighting line was meant to be....MY POINT...I completely empathize with your love of this RH fixture.:)

  2. That is the very light fixture I'm trying to talk my husband into buying for our dining room. I've loved it since you posted it from your old house.

    I'm going to check out that ebay shop! Thanks!

  3. thank you so much for the link! we had a leak last week in our kitchen and are now doing lots of emergency remodeling - I think I've found our new faucet on that site.

  4. That lamp is stunning. I love your style and live in Seattle too - if you ever have a yard sale, email me as I know you'll have great stuff!!

  5. Have you made it up to the premium outlet mall
    They have a restoration hardware outlet store!

    It is very busy on the weekends though, so I'd make a trip on a weekday.

  6. Karotts: I clearly need to make a trip...thank you for the advice!

  7. I had the same (or very similar) RH fixture in the dining room of my last house also. I picked it for the very reasons you mentioned, and I just loved it. It made me happy every time I looked at it.


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