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French White Bedroom

• 10 January 2011

Something pretty to look at this morning...

I'm not sure why I'm drawn to white spaces--perhaps it's the fact that it's so unattainable right now? I mean, I do have 4 little kids and even though we're a washable-crayon-using and no-shoes-in-the-house kind of family, things still get dirty. It's inevitable...and it's okay. But I still dream of white--a lot of it--and this is one gorgeous space.

image via Marie Claire Maison


  1. Go for it! It took me six or seven years to convince my husband that we COULD do white bedding with a houseful of little kids. I am so, so, so happy every time I look at my gorgeous white bed. And it's survived two years of kiddos so far. (And I am not super careful--last night I ate sourdough toast with cherry jam in bed.)

  2. I love all white bedding. It makes me feel relaxed. Isn't that the point of a bedroom?!?!?

  3. I love that distressed white drawer, so romantic!

  4. all white bedroom for me, and I have two little boys. I also have a white chair in my living room that still looks great. I think white is actually easy to maintain. One key, though, is that my bed linens and furnishings are not the least bit costly, so even if something did get a bit marred, I'm not too stressed. I adore white bedrooms.

  5. i too dream of white ... and have a black cat.


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