stephmodo: Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

• 18 January 2011

After spotting some incredibly fresh-looking brussels sprouts at our local grocery store, I decided it was high time I gave brussels sprouts a chance again. And, I'm so happy I did...I would make them again in a heartbeat!

For a complete {but very simple} tutorial on creating delicious brussesl sprouts for your family, feel free to peruse my latest post for Zupas.

images by Stephanie Brubaker


  1. how timely! i just picked up a bag of brussels sprouts at the store and i am hoping to give them a go this week. it sounds like roasted with s+p is the general consensus. can't wait to add a bit of parmesan, too. thanks!

  2. I've never eaten or cooked a brussels sprout. The ones in the picture look so delicious it may be time to try them. Did your kids eat them?

  3. Yes, my kids ate them...not all of them loved the brussels sprouts, but they ate them. One of them even genuinely enjoyed them! I think if the parents have a good attitude about them, so will kids. That and constant exposure. I'll have to try them again soon...

  4. oh i LOVE brussels...i make them weekly...a staple round here! roasted, too!
    (just haven't added the parmesan, which would be perfect!).

  5. How funny, I just had this for dinner before coming on here! they are my favorite.

  6. I'm a huge Brussels Sprout fan. If cooked right, they are delicious! There is a local restaurant in Salt Lake, Eva, that makes them perfectly with hazelnuts and apple cider vinegar. I have the recipe here:

  7. Great pictures. I like the pictures, Steph. :) I like brussel sprouts too.

  8. thank you so much for posting this! i recently picked up a bag of brussels sprouts and have no idea how to cook them. so glad i stumbled across your blog - its lovely :)

  9. Just found this searching around for a good/easy recipe, can't wait to try it! Thanks for posting.


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