stephmodo: Creating a Memorable Valentine's Day at the Last Minute

Creating a Memorable Valentine's Day at the Last Minute

• 13 February 2011

Since we also celebrate my husband's birthday just before Valentine's Day, the most romantic holiday of the year always creeps up on us. I often don't have a lot of time to prepare for Valentine's Day the way I'd like. While I wish it wasn't so, all of the adorable homemade Valentines and Valentine crafts circulating the internet this week are just a pipe dream around here. Next year? :) However, not having time to make homemade Valentines doesn't mean you can't have a lovely holiday today.

Here are a couple of super simple (and super cheap) things we are doing around here--things that mean a lot to the kids (and in the case of #4, the husband)--but take little preparation. You can pull all of these off today, even if you're reading this the morning of the 14th. Don't sweat it--pancakes for dinner are fun to eat every once in awhile!

1. Simple Decorations - this year I deconstructed this banner and randomly placed the individual hearts all over the kitchen. Cutting out hearts from construction paper and taping them all over the house would be just as meaningful to the kids--no die cut required.

2. Homemade heart pancakes - I just finished making a quick whole wheat pancake batter for the morning and am banking on the fact that I can create heart-shaped pancakes without a mold. The way I see it, homemade pancakes are homemade pancakes. Heart-shaped or not, they are still yummy and quite a treat on a school day.

3. A little treat on their plate - this year it's a box of pink Pocky accessorized with red/white baker's twine and a simple gift tag. Quick, run out to your local Asian market and pick some up to place on their dinner plate!

4. Make/buy a card and slip it in your husband's car (or briefcase if he doesn't drive to work).

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. xoxo Stephanie


  1. A tip... An empty condiment squeeze bottle works awesome for making all kinds of pancake shapes, letters etc. My kids love this! Posted about it here..

  2. Amber, I love that idea. If only I had the proper vessel for such a thing...

    I hope you are well!


  3. I love your sense of keeping it simple but special--all these little things are not little at all! they set the stage for fond memories for your kids.

    your lovely blog is pure pleasure.


  4. Oh! I gave my little loves red boxes of pocky as a special valentine treat today. alongside some origami paper airplanes. so simple.

  5. My daughter's birthday is close to Valentines Day so it always sneaks up on us too. I usually enjoy keeping things simple and sweet, though I always have high hopes for "next year". Thanks for the great suggestions!

  6. You inspired me to make a special valentines dinner for my family at the last minute! I read this post yesterday around noon, and by three I had dinner prepped, the table decorated and special surprises purchased for my kids. They loved it! Thanks for the encouragement to make memories even if the preparations aren't "perfect!" Sometimes last minute celebrations are the best kind.

  7. We had a pretty simple Valentine's Day too. We made rice krispy treats tinted pink and covered with hot pink, white, and red sprinkles, and we took the whole family out to dinner at BJ's. We were afraid we'd have to wait forever for a table, but despite the fact that it was crowded, we got seated right away! And then we got frozen yogurt from our favorite local place for dessert and delivered our rice krispy treats to friends and neighbors. That was it! Sweet and best of all, relaxing!

  8. Sounds much like our little v-day. Such a sweet, simple holiday, isn't it?

  9. Oh, I love Pocky. And like most of my nieces, I like the ones in the pink box! Brilliant.


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