stephmodo: Feeling Punchy: Basil-Infused Tropical Mocktail

Feeling Punchy: Basil-Infused Tropical Mocktail

• 22 February 2011

A few years ago, I tore out a page in Blueprint with the most delicious-looking punch recipe; then became even more thrilled when I realized it didn't call for alcohol. We all need a fun "mocktail" recipe, right? So this month I finally gathered up all the ingredients (which oddly enough involved me packing boxes of beautifully-packaged juice in my luggage...will explain), and created this yummy concoction. And then I started the Blueprint-mourning process all over again...

Sharing the drink recipe over at Zupas today. It's the perfect party drink!

images by Stephanie Brubaker


  1. Yum! I grew up in South Africa and so of course I love Ceres juices. They really are the best fruit juices I've ever tasted.

    Thanks for the Whole Foods tip.

  2. Looks amazing!!!Going to try this for our next girls night :)

  3. I'm with Kim... there's nothing more delicious than Ceres :)

  4. Beautiful photographs Steph! The colors are spectacular, I bet it tastes delicious. Yum....

  5. I noticed you published a previous comment of mine on this blogpost, but only after editing it. If you're unable to publish it in its entirety, I'd appreciate it if you could simply remove it from your comments. If you don't like what I said, for whatever reason, I'd prefer you didn't edit me and rather just don't post it.

  6. Hi KBD, I actually don't edit fact I don't even know how to do that! However, if a comment is spam or inappropriate, I do delete them. But never edit them. I simply press "publish" for those that blogger chooses to place in moderation.



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