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My Dream Chair + an Attractive Job Chart

• 08 February 2011

I am super excited about all of the deals I'm sharing over at Babble this week. Nothing thrills me more than finding an incredible deal on something I really love. Let's first begin with these chairs...

Ever since I spotted them in Met Home awhile back (r.i.p.), I've dreamed of owning one myself. Word up: I found a reproduction at 75% off! The next question is...does anyone here in Seattle want to split a set with me? I just need one...

If you didn't snatch this up the first time around, here's your chance to stock your library with one of the best decorating books a sizable discount. I just picked up my own copy last week and am blown away at how good a resource it is! Why oh why didn't I pick this up earlier?

These are the prettiest monogrammed notes ever. In fact, they are so lovely you could even frame 'em (read about a cheap way to custom frame here.).

If you're like me and just starting to think about 2011 calendars, here's one to try on for size. It's a real statement piece and unlike any other calendar circulating the blogosphere right now.

As a parent, I am constantly searching for a system that will decrease the "nagging" around here. This just might be it.

Oh, and did you check to see if you were one of two winners of the Tiny Prints Giveaway on Monday evening? Take a peek at the top o' the post and see if it was your lucky day :)

image via Metropolitan Home


  1. If I lived in Seattle, I would take your divine chair mate.

  2. These are my dream dining room chairs! one day, one day.

    I'm not usually so uptight about pieces inspired by iconic furniture, but the overstock chairs are knock-off's. Norman Cherner was blatantly ripped off by his furniture manufacturer, Plycraft, in the 50's. (Apparently, they manufactured his original design for a while, then fired him, but kept selling his design without paying him). Fortunately, his sons brought back the original design in the last decade and added their own beautiful table design to complement it. I don't want to rip off the Cherner family again by buying a knock-off.

  3. Lesley, that's great to know about Norman Cherner. I appreciate you sharing that info with us!

    p.s. love your blog--what a great property to renovate! I can see a Cherner chair in your space...

  4. Thanks! I have a huge soft spot for the Cherners! Such a sexy chair that looks great in any house! I actually saw a complete set of 6 vintage chairs with leather seats at last years' Denver Modernism Show. I almost cried...They were in good shape and a price I would have willingly paid if my finances were better!

    I don't know if you have kids, but a Cherner chair is featured in Toy Story 2 in the office of the evil toy store owner. Someone at Pixar has a Cherner crush, too.

    Love your blog by the way!!! I dream of actually having a "decorated" house one day instead of just "under construction".

  5. this photo is taken straight from one of my own dreams. it's beautiful.

  6. Very pretty chairs. Great taste!

  7. If you are looking for a good "job chart" system, my sister swears by this site: She LOVES it and doesn't have to nag her (seven!) kids anymore. They use via the computer and sign off when they are done and it keeps track of points somehow that they can redeem. I haven't used it, but it might be worth a look!


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