stephmodo: Adorable Food Packaging Resources for Homemade Treats

Adorable Food Packaging Resources for Homemade Treats

• 08 March 2011

I am confident that all of us would take a homemade cupcake in any form--on a piece of cardboard, a styrofoam plate, etc.. But, it's even more fun to present a homemade treat that's gussied up in something sweet and little. I'm sharing some adorable and affordable food packaging resources over at Zupas today.

Read about them here!


  1. Looks so darn yummy right now! Beautiful packaging always adds an extra yum. :)

  2. That patisserie box is amazing!

  3. I absolutely love little asian-style take out containers. So cute yet simple!

    I like your blog!

  4. So much to look at and drool over on your lovely website!

  5. Awesome packaging!!!!

    Congratulations for being in the blogs of note!!! :)

    Check out/Follow my blog?

    The Walking Photographer :)

  6. oh, it is a great post! I really like it!^_^

  7. That fantastic! realy! these website is way better then everything I ever saw.

  8. Hi, I found your blog through "blogs of note". Congrats for making it on the list!

    I found your blog interesting, loved it's fresh look and content. Look forward to following! ;)

    *it'd be great if u could stop by mine :)*

  9. I love all the inventive packaging these days, it seemed like a lost art when I was in school.

    If these ever get mass produced or available for retailers please let me know, we have plenty of customers in the area who would love something like this for there bakery.

  10. So cute! This will certainly take the boring out of packing lunches!

  11. Cute. Beats the Tupperware container any day :-)

  12. This is an incredibly gorgeous blog! I'm so glad I found it and cant wait to spend more time with it. Its just beautiful!
    Im new at this blogging thing...I'm embarrassed to say I cant figure out how to "follow" it as the follow button doesnt come up. Do you know what Im doing wrong? I don't want to lose it!!

  13. Hi Meryl! You can follow the blog within blogger I think or you can subscribe to this blog using the option on the right sidebar. Or at the very least add it as a bookmark in your Internet browser. And you can also google "stephmodo" and it will always pop up that way too! Thank you for your interest!

  14. This could make ANYTHING taste better.

    You have such lovely features. Loving your blog!


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