stephmodo: How to Arrange Pretty Flowers {a Class} by Marigold + Mint

How to Arrange Pretty Flowers {a Class} by Marigold + Mint

• 10 March 2011

I took a flower-arranging class in college because it was a skill I wanted to learn; however, I quickly realized that the methods being taught really only applied to people who wanted to create formal arrangements, which really isn't my style. I'm more interested in being able to go to Costco, Whole Foods, or a Farmer's Market, pick up a few bouquets of mixed flowers, and come home and arrange them in a pretty, thoughtful way.

One of the prettiest storefronts (and websites!) I've visited here in Seattle is Marigold + Mint over in Capitol Hill's Melrose Market. During my last visit, I noticed that Katherine (organic farm owner + floral arranger extraordinaire!) started advertising a couple of classes to be held at the shop after hours. I immediately wanted on board...I can't imagine anything more relaxing than sitting around a farmhouse table with lovely ladies learning a lifelong skill. I am so excited for this class, I can hardly wait!

There are only 4 slots available (in a class of 8), so please call and sign up if you live in the Seattle area and are interested in attending. Here are the details:

Floral Arranging Class - Wednesday, March 23rd from 6:00 until 9:30 p.m. at Marigold + Mint marketplace on 1531 Melrose Avenue (inside Melrose Market). The class fee is $100 and that includes everything--class fee, materials, etc. A reasonable price considering the length of the class (3.5 hours) and that the flowers are fresh from Katherine's own organic flower farm and orchard on the Snolquamie River. We will each go home with our own large, Spring arrangement (I already know of a certain birthday girl who will be getting mine...).

Call 206.682.3111 to register...or drop by Marigold + Mint if you're in the neighborhood. But hurry! For those of you who live out on the Eastside, this would be a fun excuse to come into the city that night.

p.s. for those of you interested in Felt Sewing with the talented Kate Golda (published by Chronicle Books), you can read more about her class--also held at Marigold + Mint--right here.

images via marigold + mint website and archive


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  17. I worked in flowers shops for several years, and then when I decided to do flowers on my own I had to try and un-learn everything I had been taught. Flowers are natural, and they should look that way when they are arranged! I felt the same way as you do about taking "the right" kind of class. Sometimes all it takes is being in the right environment, one that lets the flowers speak for themselves, and the gorgeous arrangements are born.

    I would love to see Marigold and Mint in person, their work is so inspiring. I hope you have fun at the class

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