stephmodo: How to Upgrade Your Cooking with Just 5 Ingredients

How to Upgrade Your Cooking with Just 5 Ingredients

• 23 March 2011

If you're looking for an easy way to improve your cooking that doesn't involve an expensive cooking class, check out this week's Zupas post. I'm sharing 5 ways ingredients that will instantly upgrade your pantry, and subsequently your cooking! All 5 of 'em can be procured at your local grocery store, which means no one is excluded. You can peek at the post here.

p.s. Tomorrow not only brings a new day, but a fantastic giveaway too. See you then!

image by Stephanie Brubaker


  1. A very good list, especially the sea salt. I have found that to make the biggest difference in my cooking. That and a good olive oil.

  2. I am in favor of all of these and you are right, I need to go get some fresh nutmeg. But I have to add another that I believe is a must in any kitchen. GOOD vanilla. I love La Vencedora Mexican vanilla and buy the bottles by the dozen to hand out to friends. What do you use?

  3. Carrie, I love Mexican vanilla. Do you procure yours at the grocery store, online, abroad, etc.?

    Colleen, I agree with you too on that one.

    I think I need to do a Part 2. There are a few I had to leave out ("top 5" sounds better than "top 7" if you know what I mean!). I'm off to compose that post. It's naptime :)


  4. I order mine online--off ebay actually;) I had a friend who often went to New Mexico who always brought it back for me, but we moved so I had to find another source. I buy few bottles at a time and then have the perfect housewarming gift on hand.

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  6. great list thanks for sharing!!


  7. Very amazing and perfect list for upgrading my cooking with just the used of five ingredients.


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