• 17 March 2011

It's hard to know where to start when discussing all of the calamities that have taken place in Japan this week. It's heartbreaking to watch all of the video clips of the tsunami striking--there is nothing more frightening than watching someone's village being completely obliterated in a matter of minutes. I can't help but start thinking about how unprepared I am for a disaster of this magnitude. Not good!

To jumpstart the preparedness process, I asked one of my friends to share with me the contents of her family's 72-hour-kit. A few things in her kit struck me as particularly useful--head lamps, baby wipes, power bars, $2000, and all of their important docs in a binder (i.e. passports, birth certificates, medical records, etc.). I'm in total awe of her organization! I know I'd feel more relaxed about living in this crazy world if I were prepared to leave my home quickly.

Tell me, what do you put in your 72-hour-kits, if you have one? I'd love to start an impromptu forum of good ideas so we can all learn from each other. Thanks!

p.s. some video clips you may not have seen just yet--they were broadcasted on Russia Today:

clip 1 / clip 2 / clip 3

first aid kid by Best Made, found via Polkadot / also love this 72-hour-kit...well-designed and looks easy to carry


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