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New Addition to La Maisonnette

• 11 April 2011

A few weeks ago we ordered a poêle for La Maisonnette in an effort to make the cottage the perfect place to visit in the cooler months as well. It really makes a difference to have access to a wood-burning fireplace between November and March, so we bit the bullet and invested in an attractive, high-quality poêle. Yes, we already have a fireplace...after all, the cottage was home to the town oven several hundred years ago (read more about the "four banal" here). But, the poêle is necessary if we want to keep the cottage from potentially smelling like a campfire, and in my book that's a must! These types of stoves are very popular in France and now we understand why they are used so much--older French homes almost require one if you like things nice and clean. Since we've invested so much of ourselves in the cottage, this is the next step.

the coat rack also making an appearance this month / sandblasting the fireplace / before + after images of the fireplace

image 1 - La Maisonnette / image 2 - an example of a poêle - Charnwood


  1. Love, love, love it!! A cozy fire makes everything lovely! We LOVE our stove and how everyone gathers around it all winter.

  2. Oh. This is wonderful. So cozy!

  3. That little stove is beautiful, and it look so French! I can imagine hating a house that always smelled like bon-fire, but seriously, I'd latch on to any excuse that would justify buying such a cute stove!

    Happy Monday! =)


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  5. We loved the poêle this past week. We used it about 3 different nights. Perfect for late November!


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