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Welcome Tea Collection

• 04 May 2011

I'm so proud to announce new sponsor Tea Collection here at Stephmodo. It's a brand I've adored for years and it brings me great pleasure to share the label with you. Tea is one of the few children's clothing collections that consistently brings outstanding travel-inspired, modern designs to the table. And the cute clothes aren't just in the little girl's section either--their boy's clothing is top-notch! Your kids will be comfortable, stylish, and effortlessly casual, which translates into everyone being happy.

A few pieces my children are particularly loving recently:

My particular 9-year-old loves this dress and requests it every Sunday. She doesn't mind wearing a dress one day a week, but prefers it to be soft and comfortable because she is "sporty" (her words). I think the colorways are gorgeous.

My 4-year-old wears this dress at least once a week...she feels like a real princess in it, which these days is high on her priority list. It's so lovely I don't mind if she wears it everyday!

I also have these mix-and-match sets on my mind. I love how they've already arranged outfits for me and that they're discounted. It's a great way to save some money and to efficiently create outfits.

Some of my favorite gifts over the years have been from Tea and I always find myself reaching for those pieces when choosing how to dress my baby and kiddos. I truly can't say enough good about Tea and the beautiful clothing they share with us season after season. I hope you take a minute to explore Tea Collection yourself!


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