Tips on Traveling Overseas with Babies + Toddlers

• 05 July 2011

Traveling abroad avec les enfants is not easy or cheap, and it requires a lot of effort, but it's so worth it! Sometimes we have to make great financial sacrifices to tote our families with us and let's be honest, vacationing with little ones is not a true vacation. However, making memories and creating poignant experiences is up there with life's best moments. Here are a few tips I've penned to help you plan your overseas journey and {hopefully} make it less painful :) I can't take away all the potential drama, but I can set you on the right path!

1. Call the airlines as soon as you book your flight and reserve the crib they attach to the bulkhead. There are only a couple of these attachable, little cribs available on each international flight so reserve them quickly. You'll want to bring your own blanket to cushion the crib for baby. Also, don't forget to change your seat assignments to be next to the crib.

2. Bring along your own diapers and wipes. This not only ensures that you and your baby have what you need when you need it, but it also conveniently creates an ever-increasing amount of space in your suitcase for all those trinkets you'll bring home.

3. Consider the airline when purchasing tickets. Your experience in-flight sets the tone for the rest of the trip and let's be honest...some are definitely better than others. We recently flew on Lufthansa and I highly recommend flying this carrier if you have children. To think, this was the most cost-effective option too! I appreciated their overall friendliness and attention to making the flight a pleasant experience for our family. My kids enjoyed fresh berries with custard, chicken with vegetables, and a nice crusty roll for their meals. They gave my kids fun activities to keep them busy and in general didn't act bothered by them, despite their antics.

4. Squeezable baby food is nice to have when traveling with babies (my favorite mentioned here). It's easy to squeeze the baby food directly into baby's mouth, which means no spoon is necessary. Squeezable baby food is also lighter than it's glass-jarred counterpart, making it ideal for traveling light...or at least light"er". Added bonus: squeezable baby food is organic and offered in interesting flavors.

I hope your family enjoys a great trip together this summer! If you have any tips you'd like to add, please chime in. This is a hot topic during the Summer and I think we all worry about traveling with our kids at some point.

image of Baby Gray and Baby June together in Le Bournat, La Bugue, France


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