stephmodo: U-Pick Strawberries + a Shortcake

U-Pick Strawberries + a Shortcake

• 12 July 2011

Last weekend my family and I visited a berry farm and walked away with 17 whopping pounds of strawberries, having no definitive ideas as to how I was going to put them to use. But since the weather was amazing (this is huge in Seattle!), I was downright giddy and didn't worry too much; so off we went with 2 very large flats of luscious, Shuksan strawberries. Yum...

First up...strawberry shortcake...because that is probably my favorite strawberry dessert of all. It's hard to beat made-from-scratch cream biscuits, lightly sweetened whipped cream and copious amounts of least in my book. If you are of a similar mindset, take a peek at this week's Cafe Zupas post.

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  1. Bravo! We have a U-pick field about a 1/4 mile from our house. It's a typical summer Saturday activity for my crew. . . and strawberry shortcake has been a regular, much-loved yummy treat to share with our British friends.

  2. Oh, I'm so envious that you still have strawberries! Our season was short due to a lot of rain and berries getting moldy!

    Have you ever tried strawberry lemonade? Yummy!

  3. Dear Steph,
    Did I ever tell you about the time I was making from-scratch shortcake and as I floured the surface to roll out the dough, it kept sticking. Add more flour, still sticking. More flour, more stick. I was getting so frustrated! Until a quick taste test revealed I had accidently grabbed the small container of powdered sugar, not the small container of flour. Ooops. LOL!

    Good shortcake though. :-)

    Best summer wishes,

  4. Try this recipe for strawberry limeade. So refreshing.

  5. I live not five minutes from here! I have been in the area for a few years, and have yet to visit this berry farm. Next sunny day (who knows when that will happen) I am making my way down there to pick some berries with my little girls. Thanks for the reminder to get out and DO!

  6. how fun! yum, those berries look amazing. too funny -- i'm actually planning a trip there for next week while my mom is visiting, glad to hear it's a blast. hope our weather clears up the day i go!

  7. I used to love going to u-pick farms with my family back in Alaska. I should definitely look to see if there is one nearby since I don't have a garden.

  8. It's not sophisticated but this strawberry cream pie is crazy delicious:


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