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Billy Buttons

• 28 September 2011

Good morning!  I'd like to introduce you to my current obsession...billy buttons (also known as "craspedia").  They are the sweetest, cutest li'l things I've seen in some time.  They are yellow.  They are tiny.  And they look kind of like cake pops.  What's not to love?  I want to put them everywhere!

I adore the way they are used in these unique wedding arrangements. They look fantastic as boutonnieres and act as the perfect, dainty accent with fresh flowers too--they compliment the coral peonies above in the most unexpected way.  And while I'm not in the flower business or anything, I'm guessing using billy buttons would lower one's flower costs fairly significantly if one was planning a wedding on a budget...what a great option for a bride on the hunt for dried flowers.

Pretty billy button invitations...

And a lovely bunch of 'em for maximum impact.  Love it all!

image 3 - Kelli Kano via Ruffled  /  image 1 - Katie Day Photography via Ruffled  /  image 3 - Pink Lily Press  /  image 4- Flores del Sol


  1. Oh my gosh I've been obsessed with these for a while. They just look like a smile in a vase :)

  2. I used them in my wedding flowers---only we spray painted them brown to match my wedding scheme!

  3. So I'm a high school student...
    Our Homecoming was this last Saturday, and there was a guy in my group whose date got him a billy button boutonniere. AND I LOVED IT. I'm still not over how perfect it was.

  4. I love them too. I found them at Wilson Farms about two months ago and they are still looking good.

  5. I love you for posting this!I am obsessed with these--I've seen them in a bunch of home mags--but I couldn't figure out what they were called! I even stumped my green thumbs, flower expert mom! Thanks!


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